Axos Financial Inc.: Insider Selling and Stock Performance Analysis

In this article, we will delve into the recent insider selling activities at Axos Financial Inc. and analyze the stock performance. We will explore the details of the transactions and discuss their potential implications for the company's future. Additionally, we will examine the recent price performance of Axos Financial Inc. shares and provide insights into the levels of support and resistance. Join us as we uncover the latest developments in the company and gain a deeper understanding of its current standing in the market.

Insider Selling at Axos Financial Inc.

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Axos Financial Inc. has recently witnessed insider selling activities. EVP, Finance Micheletti Andrew J sold 5,000 shares of the company, generating $0.21 million in proceeds. Additionally, President and CEO Garrabrants Gregory sold 48,356 shares, amounting to $2,205,034 in total proceeds.

These insider transactions indicate a change in the ownership structure of the company. It is important to analyze the reasons behind these sales and their potential impact on the company's future performance.

Stock Performance Analysis

Axos Financial Inc. shares have shown positive price performance recently. On Monday, the stock jumped 4.34% to $43.55, with a low of $41.06 and a high of $43.92 during the session. Over the last five days, the stock has gained 14.12%.

Since the beginning of the year, Axos Financial Inc. shares have risen nearly 13.95%. However, the stock has risen 10.79% over the past year. It is important to analyze the factors driving this performance and assess the potential future outlook for the stock.

Levels of Support and Resistance

The levels of support and resistance for Axos Financial Inc. stock provide important insights for investors. The support level is currently at $41.77, and if violated, could result in further drops to $39.98. On the upside, there is a resistance level at $44.63, with a further resistance level at $45.70.

Understanding these levels can help investors make informed decisions regarding their positions in Axos Financial Inc. shares.

Analyst Ratings and Price Targets

Raymond James recently downgraded its rating on Axos Financial Inc. from a Strong Buy to an Outperform. The price target values the company's stock at a premium of 20.82% to its Monday closing price.

It is important to consider the opinions of analysts and their price targets when evaluating the investment potential of Axos Financial Inc. shares.

Short Interest and Ownership Changes

There has been a steep rise in short interest in Axos Financial Inc. stocks, indicating increased bearish sentiment. The total number of short shares has increased to 7.68 million shares, up from 6.1 million shares in the previous month.

Additionally, filings from BlackRock Fund Advisors show a decrease in their stake, while Vanguard Group, Inc. and SSgA Funds Management, Inc. have also made changes to their holdings. Understanding these ownership changes can provide insights into market sentiment towards Axos Financial Inc. shares.

Future Outlook and Analyst Predictions

Analysts predict that Axos Financial Inc.'s share price will average $51.50 in the next year, representing a potential increase of 20.99% from its previous closing price. The highest price estimate is $64.00, while the lowest price estimate is $43.00.

Considering these predictions can help investors assess the potential future performance of Axos Financial Inc. shares and make informed investment decisions.

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