Comparing Paramount Global and LiveOne: A Detailed Analysis

In this article, we delve into a comprehensive comparison between Paramount Global and LiveOne. Explore their earnings, institutional ownership, dividends, analyst recommendations, profitability, valuation, and risk factors. Gain valuable insights into these communication services companies and make informed investment decisions.

Earnings and Valuation

Comparing Paramount Global and LiveOne: A Detailed Analysis - -420809901

When it comes to earnings, Paramount Global takes the lead with a gross revenue of $30.15 billion, while LiveOne lags behind with $109.15 million. This significant difference highlights the disparity in their financial performance.

Looking at the valuation, Paramount Global has a price/sales ratio of 0.42, indicating a relatively lower valuation compared to LiveOne's ratio of 0.94. This suggests that investors perceive Paramount Global as a more attractive investment option in terms of valuation.

Institutional Ownership and Analyst Recommendations

Discover the level of institutional ownership and analyst recommendations for Paramount Global and LiveOne, and gain insights into market sentiment towards these companies.

LiveOne stands out with 20.3% of its shares owned by institutional investors, indicating a high level of confidence in the company's long-term prospects. Additionally, 24.1% of LiveOne shares are owned by insiders, further reflecting positive sentiment.

On the other hand, Paramount Global does not have any sell, hold, or buy ratings from analysts. This lack of ratings suggests that the market sentiment towards Paramount Global is relatively neutral or uncertain.

It's important to consider the influence of institutional ownership and analyst recommendations when evaluating investment opportunities.

Dividends and Profitability

Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding the dividends offered by Paramount Global and LiveOne. It's essential for investors to consider the presence or absence of dividends when making investment decisions.

When it comes to profitability, LiveOne has a net margin of -14.71% and a return on assets of -22.91%. On the other hand, the profitability metrics for Paramount Global are not available. These figures indicate the financial challenges faced by LiveOne and the need for careful evaluation before investing.

Risk Assessment

Assessing the risk factors is crucial for any investment decision. While the specific risk details for Paramount Global and LiveOne are not provided, investors should consider factors such as industry competition, market volatility, and company-specific risks before investing.

By conducting a thorough risk assessment, investors can better understand the potential challenges and rewards associated with investing in Paramount Global and LiveOne.

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